Extending The Marketing Reach Of Outfitters, Guides, Charter Captains and Adventure Travel Companies

Outdoor adventure professionals are so consumed by the arduous operation of their businesses, it is difficult for them to devote time to marketing. Yet in a down economy, they need to extend their marketing reach to find new customers in their old markets and to find new customers in new markets. While increasing their marketing reach, it would also be desirable for these outdoor experience companies to move upmarket. Moving upmarket simply means selling higher-valued products/services in a higher-valued market.

Because their businesses demand so much of their time, these outdoor operators need marketing options that are essentially turn-key operations. The Compass Reseller Program offered by StreamingStrategies is a good example of such a pre-packaged market extension program. Potential resellers simply request reseller pricing. StreamingStrategies then collects information about the adventure-plus-coaching program the reseller will offer and generates a marketing brochure for the program. The reseller receives an electronic copy of the marketing brochure.

At this point, the reseller distributes the marketing brochure to its customer list. When a customer calls to book the new program, the reseller books coaching for that program with StreamingStrategies. In booking the coaching, the reseller books accommodations, meals and travel for the coach. The reseller sends the airline ticket to the coach. The coach arrives on site at the adventure and delivers the coaching program.

This simple reseller program allows outdoor operators, adventure tour operators, dude ranches and cruise ships to easily add executive coaching to their existing programs. Moving upmarket has never been needed more. Thanks to StreamingStrategies, moving upmarket has never been easier.

Adding Adventure Executive Coaching to your business is simple and easy. Just click on this link to send us an email asking to add our Adventure Executive Coaching to your business, and we will take care of the rest. Be ready for next season! Act now.

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