Our Compass Resellers Earn 50% Margin!

The StreamingStrategies Hookup allows outdoor adventure professionals to connect to the $1.5 billion executive coaching market. Our Compass Reseller program is a simple, no-upfront-cost program. We come on site and conduct the coaching program but by simply including our coaching programs in their existing outdoor adventures, these groups can earn 50% margin:

Charter Captains
Adventure Travel companies
Destination Management companies
Tour Operators
Dude Ranches
Small Cruise Ship Operators

As a Compass reseller, you provide us with information about the adventure you would like to enhance with executive and team coaching. At no charge to you, we create a marketing brochure for the enhanced adventure. We send you an electronic copy of the marketing brochure.

You distribute the brochure by email, or regular mail if you choose to print it, to your existing corporate customers. If your customers have questions about the coaching component of the enhanced adventure, refer those questions to us.

When your customer is ready to book the enhanced adventure with you, you book the coaching program with us. You also book travel and lodging for the coach at the site of the adventure.

You send us a plane ticket and lodging confirmation for the coach. The coach arrives on site and conducts the coaching program.

Congratulations! As a Compass Reseller, you have just moved upmarket. Your business is now known as a source for incredible outdoor adventures and high quality executive and team coaching.

Contact us today to schedule your HookUp!

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