Strategic Project Assessment:
Improving The Cogency And Execution Of Strategic Initiatives

Strategic initiatives fail when facilitating and sustaining operations are not included, input from Engineering and Operations consists only of current and near-term capabilities, and the operational value of the Benefit Period of the initiative is not considered.

The RiverWatch assessment examines:
the consistency of the strategic project
project purpose definition
project facilitating capabilities and constraints
project sustaining capabilities and constraints
project resources
project opportunity costs
the effect of time on project effectiveness

Program Audience

Senior Executives and Strategic Project Teams

Program Benefit

Participants benefit from RiverWatch coaching because they are prepared to define a strategic project that is scaled to balance resources, constraints and opportunity costs for the Benefit Period of the strategic initiative; and to generate a signal to indicate that the project needs to be revamped or replaced.

Program Objective

Participants learn to align a strategic project purpose with the facilitating and sustaining operations necessary for its successful execution.

Program Results

Participants develop and take back to the job:
improved understanding of strategic project alignment issues
an action plan to improve the execution of a strategic project
a Business Problem Schema for solving future strategic project problemss
increased bonding among participants

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Program Details

Day 1

Session 1: Introductions & Business Challenge Review
Session 2: Assessment Concepts & Project Assessment
Session 3: Facilitation Assessment
Session 4: Sustaining Assessment
Session 5: Execution Risk Assessment

Day 2

Session 1:Fish Stories & Assessment Review
Session 2: Action Planning
Session 3: Action Planning
Session 4: Action Plan Refinement and Wrap Up

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