Business Process Assessment:
Improving Processes And Controls Of Business Operations

When designing a key business process, businesses often overlook the Operational Context of the process. Resulting processes are not effective, efficient, and do not maximize technology investment.

The StreamReader assessment evaluates:
the critical components of the Operational Context of a business process
Probable Benefit
Input Influences
Gatekeeper action
Input Controls and Output Controls
the influence and control structure surrounding the process

Program Benefit

Participants benefit from StreamReader coaching because they are prepared to implement key business processes that enhance current performance and align with future operations and technology.

Program Objective

Participants learn to align a key business process with its current and near-tem operating conditions to achieve optimal execution.

Program Results

Participants develop and take back to the job:
improved understanding of process context
an action plan to improve the execution of a key business process
a Business Problem Schema for improving future key processes
increased bonding among participants

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Program Details

Day 1

Session 1: Introductions & Business Challenge Review
Session 2: Assessment Concepts & Project Assessment
Session 3: Consistency Assessment
Session 4: Input Control Assessment
Session 5: Output Control Assessment

Day 2

Session 1:Fish Stories & Assessment Review
Session 2: Action Planning
Session 3: Action Planning
Session 4: Action Plan Refinement and Wrap Up

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