Team Focus Assessment:
Improving The Focus And Performance Of Strategic Teams

Underperformance of project teams is attributed to group dynamics without considering the contextual lenses through which members view the team purpose.

The StrikeTeam assessment evaluates:
the team Stakeholder Focus
the Leadership Focus
the Contributor Focus
the cogency of the Team Charter.

Program Benefit

Participants benefit from StrikeTeam coaching because they are prepared to align Stakeholder Focus, Leadership Focus, and Contributor Focus to improve the solutions they create and enhance the leadership skills of team leaders and the technical skills of contributors.

Program Objective

Participants learn to align a team charter with the focus of stakeholder, leaders and contributors necessary for its successful execution.

Program Results

Participants develop and take back to the job:
improved understanding of project focus alignment
an team action plan to improve the execution of a project team
a Business Problem Schema for improving future project teams
increased bonding among team members

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Program Details

Day 1

Session 1: Introductions & Business Challenge Review
Session 2: Assessment Concepts & Project Assessment
Session 3: Stakeholder Focus Assessment
Session 4: Leadership Focus Assessment
Session 5: Contributor Focus Assessment

Day 2

Session 1:Fish Stories & Assessment Review
Session 2: Action Planning
Session 3: Action Planning
Session 4: Action Plan Refinement and Wrap Up

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