StrategicStreams Methodology

StreamingStrategies StrategicStreams coaching provides hard skills analysis of classes of business problems. Our proprietary analytic and assessment tools create a Business Problem Schema that can be used by executives and teams to solve the immediate challenge as well as similar challenges in the future.

Our Green Learning knowledge delivery technique is designed to incorporate green principles:
positive interaction with the environment.

To achieve sustainability, our coaching is based on Authentic Learning concepts:
we address the real-world problems of the learners
we present analytic methods
we engage learners in meaningful dialogue
we generate action plans.

To achieve renewability:
coaching produces a Business Problem Schema that can be used to solve simiar future problems
concept diagrams, definitions, and analysis logic are included in participant materials
an action plan is generated.

Positive interaction with the environment is achieved with:
low tech delivery requiring minimal resources
outdoor adventure promoting eco-awareness
carbon footprint reduced by delivering coaching and team building in a single event.

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