Product Innovation Assessment:
Improving The Marketability And Technical Fit Of New Products

Many new products fails to achieve market success because two key components of successful innovation are not considered: Current Commercialized Technology (CCT) and Market Opportunity Status (MOS).

The UpstreamCast assessment examines:
the status of the CCT that is serving the needs of your top customers
emerging, new and mature technologies
the status of the top market opportunity
potential revenue
market position gained
the opportunity cost of the proposed innovation.

Program Audience
Engineering Executives and New Product Teams

Program Benefit
Participants benefit from UpstreamCast coaching because they are prepared to define a product innovation that has the lowest opportunity cost, the best fit with the CCT of your best customers, and puts your product and your brand in the best market position.

Program Objective
Participants learn to align top customer requirements, market priorities, and innovation options to create effective product innovations.

Program Results
Participants develop and take back to the job:
a team action plan to improve the innovation of a product
a blueprint for improving future product innovations
increased bonding among participants

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Program Details

Day 1

Session 1: Introductions & Business Challenge Review
Session 2: Assessment Concepts & Project Assessment
Session 3: Customer Assessment
Session 4: Market Assessment
Session 5: Innovation Assessment

Day 2

Session 1:Fish Stories & Assessment Review
Session 2: Action Planning
Session 3: Action Planning
Session 4: Action Plan Refinement and Wrap Up

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